Daily Archives: July 29, 2012

Windows phone 8 to support chat rooms?

More digging into the emulator images for wp8 has thrown up more interesting finds that should be coming to the platform come the end of this yeat.  This time it looks like Microsoft has some interesting plans for the already cool “groups” functionality.

Digging through the resource files I have numerous mentions to “rooms” being supported.  From what I am gathering this feature would be an addition to the groups functionality whereby you should be able to add a group of your friends to a chat room and all chat live.  Super cool!

This resources are used by the contactsres.dll in system32 and I have a couple of snippets for you below.

Gather your friends and family together. Invite them to a private Room where you can share a calendar, photos, group chat and notes. Or add them to a Group to see social updates from just those folks and text them all at once. Tap the plus sign to get started.

This room will be deleted. You can create a new room in the People Hub.

1 people left the room

Room membership has changed

I must admit this feature sounds awesome and if it turns out to be true fits perfectly in-line with windows phone being the premier social networking phone.


Will WP8 have new parental control features?

Been looking over the WP8 emulator images today and came across this interesting resource string.

The My Family settings for your account prevent you from downloading this item. Your parent can manage My Family settings at windowsphone.com.

This resource string found in the common mobile UX resources seems to suggest that a new feature called “My Family” will be coming to WP8.